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Aerospace and Defense

Test is a critical business function that ensures the quality and reliability of your mission-critical assets. For decades, NI has served as a trusted advisor that can optimize your test strategies to meet increasingly demanding technical and business requirements.

Your Mission is Critical. So is your Testing.

Test is a vital business function that ensures the quality and reliability of your mission-critical assets. Your customer’s success and your reputation depend on a proven test strategy that delivers test sets on time and on budget. Yet test is often perceived as a roadblock in product development: a necessary evil plagued with time and cost overruns, and a tempting target when budgets shrink, and schedules tighten. Transform test into a competitive advantage for your organization with a strategic and reliable approach.

Featured Content

Webinar Series

Aerospace and Defense Test

View this on-demand webinar series to learn how a platform-based approach can help you quickly respond to the changing test requirements of your mission-critical assets. Topics include:


  • SDR Design
  • HIL Test
  • Electromechanical Systems Test
  • RF System-Level Validation
  • Production Test

Strategies for Digital Transformation Success


Learn how to leverage software-connected automated test to enable digital transformation to drive operational efficiency across your organization.


Building an F-35 VSIF Data Acquisition System


Using the PXI platform, G Systems provided Lockheed Martin Aeronautics with a configurable, expandable system for the F-35 vehicle systems integration facility (VSIF).